Research Associate in Statistics and Data Science for Environmental Epidemiology

Salary: £40,858 – £48,340 per annum

Location: St Marys Campus (Paddington)

Job Description

We have a vacancy for a Research Associate in Statistics and Data Science for Environmental Epidemiology. The position is funded by Health Data Research UK ( which is the new national institute for data science for health, which was established in 2018 with long term funding support from research councils, UKRI, charitable and governmental research funders. HDR UK seeks to drive improvements in the health of patients and populations through research at regional and national scale. The triple mission of HDR UK spans discovery of disease mechanisms in science through:

  1. Precision medicine and trials to public health
  2. Establishing platforms and underlying infrastructure to enable research at national scale
  3. Developing training and capacity opportunities.

This is an exciting opportunity to join the Imperial College research team working on HDR UK and to become a member of the UK Small Area Health Statistics Unit (SAHSU; You will play a central role in advancing the field of environmental epidemiology and statistical methodology within HDR and SAHSU. You will focus on a statistical project applying different machine learning tools to understand the environmental and community-level factors driving obesity and diabetes in children, integrating administrative data available from various sources. You will be expected to also provide support across a range of projects within SAHSU.

Key Duties and Responsibilities

You will run preliminary analyses on the environmental, community-level and outcome variables to understand their distributional characteristics and their spatial variation. You will review machine learning approaches useful to cluster the environmental and community level variables and extend those to account for spatial correlation. The approaches identified will be used to obtain well defined clusters of small area characteristics across different dimensions (e.g. pollution, food environment, mobility, social deprivation) as well as to link the clusters to the health outcomes (obesity in children available from a national survey in primary school and diabetes in children, available from the National Diabetes Audit). Within this role you will have the opportunity to construct maps of multi-domain vulnerability to the health conditions described above and provide a measure of their uncertainty.

Job Requirements

You should have a thorough working knowledge of spatial statistical modelling and a good understanding of epidemiological concepts. Familiarity with the R environment for visualising and modelling large datasets (R-INLA, Stan or NIMBLE in particular) is essential. You should be motivated and extremely organised with experience of working in multi-disciplinary teams.

How To Apply

To apply, visit and search by the job reference MED02271.

Closing date: 18/03/2021

More Information

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