Research Associate / Fellow

Salary: £40,858 – £54,852 per annum

Location: St Mary’s Campus

Job Description

We are seeking an exceptional researcher with extensive experience in mathematical modelling and data analysis to work on an exciting new opportunity at the interface of research, public health and policy.

In order to promote the timely, appropriate and valid use of models in planning and evaluating HIV interventions and determining priorities for future research and investment, the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation has funded the HIV Modelling Consortium since 2010. This consortium is a collaboration between many groups of epidemiologists and health-economists in the UK, Africa and the US. It has long-term partnerships with normative agencies, national HIV programs and those funding programs and research.

As a part of this consortium, our group has been asked to investigate, in particular, the healthcare resources used by HIV programs and how frailties in healthcare systems affect the quality of HIV (and other) services. This demands novel analyses of routinely collected healthcare data, special surveys and the development of new models. It is expected that this work would have a large number of important applications and would be central to the on-going work of the HIV Modelling Consortium and contribute to a wider program of research on strengthening healthcare systems. It is expected that the work would build on an existing individual-based model of healthcare systems and the researcher would have access to extensive datasets that should be informative for these questions.


You will work closely with colleagues at Imperial and the network of modelling groups in the HIV Modelling Consortium, which is led by Professor Andrew Phillips (University College London). You will design a program of work that will characterise the relationship between healthcare resources in particular countries and the HIV services (and other services, where appropriate) that are delivered.

Job Requirements

You must have a PhD or equivalent in one of the following areas: mathematics, physics, computer science, bioinformatics, epidemiology, statistics, public health, economics, or a similarly quantitative discipline. You should have research experience in a quantitative discipline and have experience with statistical inference tools such as R, Python, STATA etc.

How To Apply

To apply, visit and search by the job reference MED02264.

Closing date: 18 March 2021

More Information

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