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At BBSTEM we strongly believe that every individual, irrespective of their gender, sexuality, religious belief, social status and particularly their ethnic background is entitled the support, encouragement and prospects to flourish in a society that treats them with fairness and respect.
That’s why we are working in areas where the youth are predominantly from Black backgrounds to inspire and energise them to pursue and succeed in a STEM career. We have recently launched our mentoring program, Bridge, where our amazing professional members can provide guidance and sound advice to support our students members in defining their goals to progress in their careers.
As we’d like to be involved at the very beginning of the chain and inspire the younger generation, we aim to have a school outreach program. Therefore, we need funding to facilitate our existing initiatives and to set up the ones that will follow. Your donation won’t just help us make a difference to young people now, it will help us make a difference to the rest of their lives.

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