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We aim to bring together Britain’s universities and BBSTEM, combining efforts to improve career prospects for Black youth and diversity outcomes in the UK’s STEM sector.

Our aim is to have 50 university members by the end of summer 2021. BBSTEM is the first organisation working across the UK specifically focused on supporting and championing Black individuals across science, technology, engineering and maths. Through our work we have been featured in The Financial Times, The Guardian and the Barbados Nation News.


6.2% of UK domiciled students enrolled onto STEM related subjects at UK universities are Black (4.8% Black African, 1.2% Black Caribbean, 0.2% Black Other). According to the most recent Advance HE annual engagement survey of more than 30,000 students, Black students are more likely to report high levels of engagement with their university degree course, and are more likely to take part in societies, to volunteer, and to have jobs than white students. Yet this engagement and talent at the beginning of the pipeline is not translating into a similar increase in Black scientists, Black mathematicians, and Black engineers. Even after, equality Challenge Unit data shows almost 8 in 10 white students received a first or 2:1 in 2015-16, compared to just 5 in 10 Black students. And even after graduating with a good degree, the gap remains: “BAME students are less likely to be employed by engineering companies than their white counterparts.” (Royal Academy of Engineering, UK STEM Education Landscape Report). At the other end of the pipeline, there are only 26 Black female professors in the UK – too few people for HESA to break this down by discipline while maintaining anonymity.


BBSTEM is committed to being a not-for-profit employer-led initiative. BBSTEM University Alliance membership will cost £2,500 for 12 months from September to August to coincide with the academic year. The cost will go towards the events, research and advocacy work within the sector. Membership is per organisation, therefore multiple delegates from your university can benefit from the alliance.


  • Access

    Access to our research and findings – we write impact reports and conduct evaluations after every engagement we have. This will give you an insight to the challenges and social issues young people face in the STEM sector. This gives you an opportunity to delve deeper within the current sector.

  • Events

    Early access to BBSTEM events for you to share with your university. We will send you details of insight events or programmes that will benefit your university students’ in advance of promoting through our social media channels.

  • Acknowledgement

    Mentions across press releases, newsletters and features on our online platforms.

  • Alliance Leader

    You’ll be recognised as a BBSTEM University Alliance Leader which you’ll be able to share across all your assets using the BBSTEM branded logo. Alliance members will be able to publicise their organisation’s commitment to diversity.

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